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Our website will help your business to stand out against competitors and to attract more customers.
We create cool websites, render optimization services, provide technical support, and create logos and corporate identities.

«The renewal of the website at the technical and informational level is a key to its top position in the search results and the guarantee of a stable increase in demand for products and services»
«Mathur» Web Studio

Website support

The number of potential customers has fallen back? The awareness of your brand goes to zero? You may use the emergency rehabilitation provided by our experts who will restore the position of your Internet resource quickly and effectively working both on the technical and information aspect.

Competent technical support

Mathur Web Studio offers the promotion of your website with all available tools in the technical aspect:

Regular information update

What attracts visitors? First of all, visitors get attracted by interesting and unique content that provides useful information.


For multi-faceted business infrastructure development on the Internet «Mathur» Web Studio uses a comprehensive approach in web resource promotion, including consulting services.

Use our services and be the leader!

Cost of a single website support

Single website updatePrice/$
Changing the content (changing the address, telephone etc.) 10
1 page of text (A4 format, Times New Roman, 12 pt) 10
Image/photo web optimization (1 image) 7
Adding an image to the gallery 2
Inserting a table (up to 10 lines) 10
Guestbook 90
Forum 200
Voting 70
E-mail form 40
Question/feedback form 40
Customized programming solutions negotiated price
Website hosting relocationPrice/$
Domain name registration from 15 per year
Hosting registration from 50 per year
Relocation of a standard website 70
Website, database and scripts relocation 100
Relocation of the website built on CMS (Bitrix, HostCMS, Joomla, Wordpress etc.) 140
Creating individual design based on the customer’s corporate identity 400
Creating a company’s logo (3 variants) 200
Adapting images for being used on the Internet (1 image) 7
Image scanning and processing (1 image) 7

*Discounts for customers ordering website support services monthly!