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Our website will help your business to stand out against competitors and to attract more customers.
We create cool websites, render optimization services, provide technical support, and create logos and corporate identities.

«Website promotion helps to increase your profits»
«Mathur» Web Studio

Website promotion

In order to meet customers' needs «Mathur» Web Studio provides comprehensive website promotion on all levels, including advertising in social networks, which is currently a popular solution to increase the demand for goods and services.

The cost of the promotion to the Top-10

The cost of the website promotion depends of many factors, such as:

In each case, total payment is calculated individually, based on a selected list of key phrases and on the cost of website promotion.

The average price of one key phrase optimization is about 40$.

Time-frame of website optimization

First results of the website optimization you will become apparent in 20 — 30 days, but moving the website to the top in search engines results will take a bit longer.

To promote a newly built website it is likely to take much longer than a website that already exists for a long time and has gained popularity among its target audience.

Deadline for moving the website to the top searching results also depends on the region of promotion. The average time is about 2-3 months.

Guarantees and reporting

«Mathur» Web Studio guarantees that your website will be listed in the top searching results! In case at the contract expiration date your website cannot be found at the top searching results, we keep on promoting the site at our own expense.

*We offer full reporting about the website promotion. The report will be sent every 30 days.

Basic tools of website promotion on the Internet:

SEO optimization. This «search engine optimization» option consists of a set of different tools aimed at raising the position of the resource in the list of search engine results according to specific needs of users. Simply put some interesting and 100% unique content that includes certain words and phrases is created in order to meet both the interests of the website visitor and the search engines.

SMO is a kind of resource optimization that meets the needs of social media. SMO is implemented through a complex of technical issues transforming the website content in order to maximize rapid content sharing in social media (networks, blogs and forums).

Mathur Web Studio can help you to find the perfect option of website promotion so that the supply immediately followed the demand.