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Our website will help your business to stand out against competitors and to attract more customers.
We create cool websites, render optimization services, provide technical support, and create logos and corporate identities.

«The most promising tools for Internet business are 1С-Bitrix, Host CMS, and framework-platforms»
«Mathur» Web Studio

Creating websites

Having your own website created is not a luxury, but just a very promising tool to gain 100% of possible profit, to win recognition from consumers and monitor all marketing elements regularly. The key to a web source development is the use of modern platforms that simplify the task of all the site systems monitoring helping to focus on the main targets paying attention to details.

What does Mathur Web Studio offer?

Steps for creating the site:

Cost and terms

The cost of creating a website may differ, because it depends on the complexity of the development and the amount of information that must be processed. Starting cost of website development is 400$. The development period is 20 days.

Domain and Hosting

If you do not have a domain, we can pick it up and register it for you. We will publish your website for you in case you have chosen a hosting. But the most convenient option for you is to publish your website on our server, working on the basis of TimeWeb capacities. In this case, we are fully responsible for the operation of the website. The cost of hosting starts from 200 RUR per month.

Website further support and progress

We are interested in further support of the websites developed by our Studio. Support costs are calculated individually either depending on the amount of work done, or as a monthly payment.

With our professional support the creation of websites on the basis of 1C-Bitrix, Host CMS and framework-platforms – is the instantaneous performance of the customer’s current tasks with maximum efficiency with no difficulties and technical problems. You can rely on us, entrusting the development and maintenance of your web resource in the hands of experienced professionals.

Order a website development

To place an order for a website development, contact us per email or telephone us +7 (953) 494-22-22.